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“The best place to achieve the highest spiritual goal is right where we are. We need to fly with both wings, the spiritual wing and the material wing. If either wing is flapping too hard you only fly in a circle.” – Master Babuji

Telling stories is not hard, the hard part is finding them. Finding them means exploring, and the higher I fly, the more stories I find. If you’d like to support my material wing on this adventure, here are a couple of ways:

Share this podcast with people you think would enjoy it, and rate it on iTunes.

Support me on Patreon. Having a steady base of income from people who want to hear my stories means I can spend more time finding the stories, which leads to more stories for both you and me.

Hire me as a speaker. I’m an experienced speaker with over ten years of experience. I talk about topics like technology in relation to humans, being human in the age of automation, and personal- and organizational development. A couple talks I’ve given:

  • “Would an AI be vegan?” – about AI and consciousness
  • “Are we cyborgs, or are we dancers?” – about the effects of technology and digitalization on us as individuals, organizations and society
  • “Who am I?” a workshop about exploring your philosophy of life
  • “The greatest story ever lived” – about the power the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves hold over us
  • “How to master navigating chaos” – about change, gut feeling and how to become a master of navigating the chaos or existence.

Pre-order my book. This book explores many topics and stories that I cover in “Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups”, but in the form of letters to my twenty-year-old self in reply to the letters that he wrote in the form of an online diary. I believed this diary to be lost, but found a copy right after starting this new journey.